Sinister Blu-ray Winner


The topic of this contest, unrelated to anything in the movie Sinister, was to come up with a term to replace “nerd blackface” – that is, the portrayal of nerdy stereotypes by somebody perceived to be absolutely non-nerdy and just trying to score a cheap laugh.

Many of you came up with funny entries, and reasons behind them, but some entrants lost sight of the goal – I genuinely wanted to find a simple, self-explanatory term that we can use henceforth to refer to such things without being unnecessarily provocative with racially charged language. Anyway, here are a few I liked…

chris.l.mathis – Big Bang Face

robotshock – Urkelface

Gallen_Dugall – “Herbert”
from ST:TOS “The Way To Eden”

This was a funny reference, except it seems to be a synonym for an actual nerd rather than a fake one:

GrimlockPrime – “Albertson”
Proper usage: He’s always talking about comics & Star Wars…. What an Albertson!!!
Named after The Simpsons’ Jeffrey Albertson aka Comic Book Guy
(YES, he has a REAL name)
If we must be called something, let us be named after the definitive example that EVERYBODY is familiar with…

Settle down, Beavis…

SlyDante777 – Going Faux Lambda, AKA Lew Skolnicking.
Named in (dis)honor of Revenge of the Nerds III, one of the most god-awlful f***ing excuses for a film that I have ever seen, one that replaces the more realistic, raunchy, relatable nerds like Booger, Takashi, & Lamar with a pack of goddamn goody-good overachieving stereotypes dubbed “The Next Generation” (of course, you uncreative hacks), & then acting as though those assholes who now have A WHOLE CAMPUS devoted to the most stereotypical nerd imagery suddenly need our help, & saying that they demand to be worshipped, despite being privileged as f***.
…I don’t quite like it, is what I’m trying to say. And I want this hatedom immortalized.
Those of you who say The Bang Bang Theory doesn’t accurately represent nerds…Well, you’re kinda right. But I dare you to see RotN3. I. F***ing. Dare you.

Again, seems more appropriate for real nerds…

Mordskov – A “Melvin” or “Melvining.” Melvin is nerd archetype dating back from time immemorial to now.

Simple? Maybe…

nix.nightbird – It’s simple, isn’t it?



I feel like a couple of you may have been looking at my old resume…

troi – Geek chic

VaultDweller13 – Hardwicking.

Set-up, punchline. Bam!

Diddy_Mao – “Black Face” was predominantly found in Minstrel Shows which were were commonly considered under the blanket term of Burlesque.

A term defined as:

Noun: A parody or comically exaggerated imitation of something, esp. in a literary or dramatic work.

Verb: Cause to appear absurd by parodying or copying in an exaggerated form.

So, as to keep the original intent of the term whilst avoiding understandable social and racial issues. I humbly offer to you the term.

atkercinik – When something is appropriated, it’s usually called _____ washing.

To seem more environmental, it’s Green Washing.

To seem nerdy, there can be only one option:

Not Washing

because that’s what all these appropriators think is nerd behavior.

Nice and simple…

ChrisPiers – Nerdsploitation.

Kovert – Masquernerding

Optimism. I love it. Plus puns.

paulispablo – Spocky Cop

—–like poppycock for bull and “cop” for taking Spock
I win?

And the winner is…

ealye79 – glamour geeking

To the point, and can easily be used to describe faux-nerdy booth babes, Big Bang Theory, King of the Nerds and whatever else. You see it and know exactly what it means.

The Blu-ray is on its way to ealye79, and “glamour geeking” is now officially adopted as TR terminology. Thanks everyone.