Still Time to Get Your Story Drawn by Rob Liefeld


Yes, the EXTREME artist of the exaggerated anatomy is holding a contest in which he accepts story pitches from readers featuring his characters, and will draw the best three. On Twitter, he’s been saying that some great ones have been coming in, however…

Why do I suspect that, the Internet being what it is, he’s also getting any number of pitches along the lines of “Avengelyne learns she has Spina Bifida” or “Prophet goes on a quest for his missing feet”? Frankly, I’d give the win to anyone submitting a really good story about the Extreme universe’s version of Edna Mode, who has to stitch together all those pouches and figure out how to weld together twenty smaller guns into one big one.

If you actually want to enter the contest, don’t post any of your ideas here, as that may disqualify you; send them to him. But if you don’t, just for fun, what story about any of his characters would you actually like to see Liefeld draw?