Meanwhile, in Movie News that Actually Matters…

Awesome in the traditional British sense

-Mark Millar says that the Fantastic Four reboot will be “awesome in the traditional British sense and not the California sense awesome, you know?” I say, old chap, is that a gargantuan purple fellow intent upon devouring one’s planet, pip pip, what?

Christopher Nolan’s next movie will likely be Interstellar, a science-fiction movie based on the wormholes-for-time-travel theories of Kip Thorne, that Steven Spielberg was once attached to. Back in 2009, some fan made a cheap, fake teaser that misspelled Spielberg’s name and doesn’t give much indication what the story might be. That and more after the jump:

Yep, here’s that fan-trailer, for whatever it’s worth…

-In news of fan films that are definitely worth something, however, Dan Trachtenberg’s Portal fan film helped score him the gig of directing New Line’s Y: The Last Man adaptation. Y? Because he’s awesome. Check it out if you haven’t seen it:

-Some movie awards nominations were announced this morning, or something. I have an idea in mind to deal with them later…

(Trachtenberg link via Geeks of Doom)