Blood and Chrome and Poor Decisions and Epileptic Seizures

Here’s the first clip (that I know of — I’ve been kind of preoccupied) from the Battlestar Galactica webseries Blood and Chrome, chronicling the adventures of a young, weirdly sober Bill Adama. In the clip, Adama exposes himself to space radiation — seriously, unless his Viper grows a new cockpit immediately after the clip ends, he’s gonna die — and decides to shoot a Cylon ship with his pistol, which is awesome even though it requires the Cylon to fly directly next to Adama’s Viper without moving for a significant portion of time. It’s still pretty cool, mostly because the special effects look great, if a little heavy on the seizure-causing rapid flashes of lights. But even that would be all right if someone had invented the damn technology to hold the goddamn camera still. You idiots have created a race of sentient killer robots, but no one has thought of a tripod yet? Grr. (Via Blastr)