Geek Apparel of the Week: Donkey Jones, Vader and Son, Marceline Tour


? I think it’s safe to say I’m officially a sucker for any and all parodies of the classic Donkey Kong arcade screen, It’s the little face-melting Nazis at the top by the Ark that really put this over the top for me. It’s $24 at Found Item Clothing.


? I know a lot of parents read Topless Robot, so attention nerds who have spawned: We Love Fine has released three shirts based on Jeffrey Brown’s adorable Darth Vader and Son comic. My favorite is above, but you can see the others here.


? And since none of the other shirt-a-day sites struck my fancy, I’ll go ahead and show off my new favorite Adventure Time shirt from WLF, feature Marceline’s “Bummer End of Summer Tour.” It’s $25 at We Love Fine. Speaking of Marceline, did anyone else almost cry when they watched this week’s Adventure Time episode? It was like genuinely, devastatingly sad. It’s brought an insane new dimensions of tragedy to the otherwise hilarious series which the kids watching my not appreciate now, but certainly will when they’re older. I thought AT was legitimately great when I saw the “Princess Cookie” episode; having watched “I Remember You,” now I think it’s legitimately brilliant, too.