TGS Trifecta 2: Tekken, PlayStation Battle Royale, The Last of Us

? I hate to say anything nice about Tekken, but the WiiU version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 actually looks pretty fun. Putting the fighters in Nintendo cosplay, the utterly ridiculous Mushroom Battle mode… it’s just really smartly done, and actually gives people a reason to buy the WiiU version of the game. Well done. (Before you think I’m getting too lovey-dovey on the WiiU, please note that I still can’t possibly imagine what use the WiiU gamepad will be for this game).

? I was all set to continue bitching about PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale being a soulless, pitiful ripoff of Smash Bros., but I think it’s actually more pathetic that this preposterously fuzzy video is the official one Sony put on YouTube. What the hell? I’ve seen camcorder recordings of tube TVs that looked better than this.
? The Last of Us. Man. Man. This video makes the overwrought trailer for Dead Island Riptide look like… well, the PSX All-Stars trailer, actually.