Videogame Trailer Trifecta: Star Wars 1313, Team Fortress 2, Injustice

? Star Wars 1313 still looks pretty as all hell, both in the cinematics and the gameplay departments, and thoroughly illustrated in this new preview. In a word… guh

? The robot holocaust has come to Team Fortress 2! An update scheduled for later this week will introduce the new Gray faction, which just happens to consist of killer robots controlled by the computer. this mean TF2 officially as a co-op mode now, as PCs join together to fight the robot legion. Sounds good to me. Also, I shouldn’t probably point out that seeing Red and Blue team up in this video is unsettling, but also incredibly satisfying.
? Catwoman has been added to Injustice. I may be the only person on the internet who is reporting this news without making some kind of “claws” reference, joke, or word play. Am I a hero for showing this restraint? I wouldn’t say it myself, but I also wouldn’t argue with you. (All Via Kotaku)