Javier Bardem Has Been Thrown Out of the Dark Tower


Warner Bros. is apparently close to finally deciding whether or not to bankroll director Ron Howard and producer Brian Glazer’s massive/insane Dark Tower project, which at the moment still seems to consist of three movies and two TV series. What it doesn’t consist of is Javier Bardem, who was hired to play the gunslinger Roland Deschain quite some time ago, and was about the only thing that hadn’t seemed to randomly change about the project. Deadline reports that Russell Crowe is in talks to replace Bardem, which means Roland will still be middle-aged, just… puffier. However, I’m still having a hard time imagining WB having the balls to actually fund this monstrosity, so Dark Tower fans may have nothing to worry about/get excited for. Thanks to Indiewire for finding the headshot that makes Crowe most look like an elderly man and putting it on a Gunslinger illustration.