Videogame Trifecta: Dragon Quest X, Smash Bros., Perspective

? Kotaku posted the above 11-minute look at Dragon Quest X, which is — sigh — a Wii exclusive. You’d think between this, Last Story, and my constant craving for a good JRPG, I’d be able to get over my dislike of the Wii to play some truly great games, and yet, I can’t. I recognize this a failing in myself, however.

? Namco Bandai is making the next Smash Bros. game for Nintendo? The first WiiU one? That’s odd. Are they allowed to do anything differently? Or is it going to be the same game with maybe a few Namco Bandai characters in there? I’m guessing the latter.
? My apologies if you’ve seen this mind-blowing trailer for Perspective — it was on Reddit awhile back — but someone just showed it to me, so I felt the need to show it to anyone else who’s missed it. It’s a first-person puzzle game/2-D platformer, and no, that’s neither impossible nor a typo. It’s pretty damn awesome, too.