Okay, Someone Made an Avatar-Themed Nightclub

Mike Basson isn’t just a living parody of a modern movie gangster, he’s also an entrepreneur. Knowing how popular James Cameron’s movie Avatar was two years ago, he’s created an Avatar-themed nightclub named Avastar (sigh) in Rivonia, South Africa, where people can drink, smoke, and… honestly, I don’t know why anyone would think going to an Avatar-themed nightclub would be acceptable, let alone fun. I mean, if you’re a furry looking for some hot hair tentacle-on-hair tentacle action, maybe, but the idea of meeting anyone like Basson there would, or should, scare any nerd off. Of course, it’s possible Basson recognizing this, which is why he covered the walls with erotic Na’Vi pics. Like, straight off DeviantArt erotic Na’Vi pics.

So yes. Somewhere in the world, there is a nightclub with a picture of Marilyn Monroe as a topless Na’Vi on the wall. Honestly, Mayan Apocalypse, there’s no need for you to wait until December. You want to crack the planet in two any earlier, please, go ahead. I think you’d seriously be doing us a favor at this point. (Via FilmDrunk)