Nickelodeon’s New TMNT Cartoon Is Heavy on the Booyakasha

Entertainment Weekly has the first trailer for Nickelodeon’s new CG Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, debuting this fall. Unfortunately, EW also has an exclusive, meaning there’s a fuzzy rip about, and you’ll have to go here to see it in HD

The looks like a decent mix of action and Teen Titans-esque comedy; it remains to be seen if the show will still have some reasonably dramatic storylines with small doses of goofiness, or if it’ll be constant, inconsequential fluff like Ultimate Spider-Man. I see no reason to not keep an open mind about the show from this trailer, other than perhaps the multiple cries of “Booyakasha!” Look, Nick. Just because the TMNT used to shout something stupid back in the ’80s doesn’t mean they have to shout something stupid now, okay?