Ridley Scott Is Totally Determined to Ruin Prometheus for You

I wasn’t sure if there was any Prometheus footage left that we hadn’t seen yet, but leave it to director Ridley Scott to dredge up another tantalizing new tidbit and let us experience it well before we ever get to see the movie itself. This time? It’s a good look at the aliens, and when I say aliens, I mean aliens that look very similar to some of the aliens who appeared in Alien. While I’d normally put shit like this after the jump, if Ridley Scott is determined to spoil his own movie everybody, I’m sure as fuck not going to stop him. I heard his next plan is to stand outside theaters when Prometheus opens and scream “CHARLIZE THERON IS RIPLEY’S GREAT-GRANDMOTHER!” to every body who buys tickets. (FYI, DVD Day will be up later.)