Videogame News Trifecta: Diablo 3, One Piece, Indie Games

? Blizzard just released this video all about Diablo 3‘s barbarian character/class. I know tons of you are Diablo fanatics, but I have nothing salient to say about it (moreso than usual) so I thought I’d better make this a trifecta. (Via Geeks Are Sexy)

? Bandai Namco announced that One Piece: Pirate Warriors, the Dynasty Warriors-style game, will be coming to North America and Europe in November. Fuck and yes. I might actually import the European version instead of buying the American version, because I don’t think Toei has decreed those stupid and pointless character name changes (Portgaz, Teech, etc.) over there — can any European anime fans confirm or deny? Thanks to Super Brentendo for the tip.

? I don’t normally link to other site’s articles, but GameSpot has an awesome collection of three videos containing previews of 15 indie games shown off at PAX East. I highly recommend watching the first-person perspective puzzler Antichamber (first in the “First-person games that couldn’t be further from Call of Duty” video) and Super Time Force (first in the “2D action games that will make you forget all about your old Nintendo” video), which is a 2-D platform shooting game with the Prince of Persia rewind mechanic — except that you play with the past versions of yourself. They’re both awesome. Also awesome: The title Drunken Robot Pornography, which is the fifth game in the first video; the actual game doesn’t live up to the title, but really, how could it?