Two More Unbelievably Awesome Avengers Clips

I think we’re finally at the point where I’ve seen too much Avengers footage before the movie. I’m still totally excited for it, but with these two clips, I feel like they’ve gone from “whetting my appetite” to “I’m seeing too much of the movie beforehand.” Now, I did watch both these clips — I feel like I have to, since any Avengers footage is major news at this point — and I must say that they are totally fucking awesome. The first one is of Thor fighting Iron Man in the best heroes-must-fight-each-other-before-teaming-up fashion (it also has the “Head Count” trailer after it for some reason), and the second (after the jump) is Nick Fury verbally owning Loki. They’re fantastic, and man, I seriously hope Marvel stops releasing them now. (Via Blastr)