Non-Comics DC Entertainment Trifecta: Dark Knight Rises, Robot Chicken, Young Justice


? Despite the ridiculous claims that “Christopher Nolan doesn’t actually want you to understand what Bane says in Dark Knight Rises,” people who saw a recent 10-minute footage preview of DKR say Bane’s voice is 1) now comprehensible and 2) definitely altered from what it was originally. As it should be. Now, for a little bit of context, please think about the recent nerd movie coverage you’ve seen. Avengers? Blowing the critics out of the water. G.I. Joe 2? Looks to make up for all the goodwill squandered in the original. The Hobbit has a problem, sure, but that problem is advancing cinematic technology past the point of usefulness. The big news about The Dark Knight Rises? They finally decided to make a main character intelligible. I’d put a facepalm picture here, but surely there are enough people at WB’s DC division doing that already. (Via Collider)

? Robot Chicken is doing an all-DC special. I think their best work has always been their superhero stuff, so I’m genuinely excited. Also, as a guy who worked at ToyFare magazine at the time when DC demanded we never use their characters in Twisted ToyFare Theater again because we were making fun of them, I find this announcement totally fucking hilarious. Thanks to Alex L. for the tip. 
? There’s going to be a new Super Best Friends Forever clip during DC Nation this weekend, which you can see here, but I’m not showing because I’ll just run the full thing on Monday morning. But the real news is that Lobo will be stopping by Young Justice. Since  Young Justice has been on a bit of a roll lately (in my opinion), plus the live-action Lobo movie as it stands will be something like Intergalactic Kindergarten Cop, this is probably the best Lobo you’ll get for the foreseeable future. (Via ToyNewsI)