Geek Apparel of the Week: Ride the Falcon, To Die for the Empire, Lightning League

falcon falcon.jpg

? No deep thoughts about this shirt, I just like the design. It’s $22 at 604 Republic — they also have a fun new Neverending Story shirt here.

mori in imoerium.jpg

? Sorry for two Star Wars-themed shorts in GAotW, but I’m a sucker for any nerd shirts with Latin. Although I guess all shirts that use Latin are at least somewhat nerdy. Anyways, this great Stormtrooper symbol is $10 at Shirt Punch, today only.


? I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this t-shirt before, but I’ve never shown it. Since it’s likely the only Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors tee I’ll ever see, I thought I better give it some love. Plus, it’s on sale for ?13 at Dark Bunny.