The Amazing Spider-Man Defeated by the Less-Amazing Door-Man

The first clip from The Amazing Spider-Man crawled out of the woodwork this weekend, which shows Peter Parker trying to meet the Stacys for dinner, only to be be turned away by an oddly belligerent doorman. It’s not particularly funny, nor is it particularly tense — in fact, it’s pretty crap for the movie’s first official clip, especially when it’s obvious that this scene leads directly to the scene in the trailer where Peter swings up to Gwen’s fire escape, meaning they could have given us a little bit of webslinging, but they chose not to. If I sound a little harsh about this short, innocent clip, it’s because this little scene could so easily have been awesome just by casting Bruce Campbell as the doorman. It’s a tragedy — nay, a crime — that someone is denying Peter Parker an entrance to some place and it’s not Bruce Campbell. Just sayin’. (Via /Film)