Rumor: Chris Nolan Might Not Be an Idiot

The rumor mill is, uh… milling with the… uh… rumor that Warner Bros. has provided a new audio track to the IMAX theaters running the Dark Knight Rises prologue, in which Bane is significantly easier to understand. While this is a rumor, I’m going to go ahead and say it’s true, because I don’t think Chris Nolan is an imbecile. Of course he wants audiences to understand the film’s main villain and one of its most prominent characters. To think otherwise is pure stupidity. Sure, there was talk that Nolan somehow didn’t want people to understand what Bane was saying, perhaps to make him more mysterious or something, but that was pure bullshit. You know the only person who ever thought that was a good idea? The guy who decided the Star Wars Holiday Special should start with 30 minutes of untranslated Wookiee-speak, that’s who, and George Lucas had that man killed back in 1981. Anyways, assuming this rumor is true, it’s good news for people who enjoy understand what movie characters are saying, which is everybody. I would hate for the above video to have become an accidental preview. (Via /Film)