Behold the Legos of the Rings

Pictures removed by request.

The French site Lord of the Brick managed to find incredibly fuzzy, grainy, CONFIDENTIAL-stamped scans of the packages for Lego’s upcoming Lord of the Rings sets, and… damn. I don’t think there’s anything mind-blowingly surprising in here — they look pretty much exactly as I expected them to look — but still, just seeing them is pretty nerdgasm inducing. That’s the Mines of Moria set up above (which comes with Pippin, Gimli, Legolas, Boromir, 2 x Goblins, 2 x Skeletons & Cave Troll), and the Helm’s Deep set below (Aragon, Gimli, Legolas, Theoden, 5 x Uruk-hai). The other sets include…

? Gandalf Arrives – Gandalf & Frodo
? Shelob Attacks – Samwise, Frodo & Gollum
? Uruk-hai Army –  4 x Uruk-hai, 1 x Rohirrim Soldier, 1 x Rider Of Rohan

? Attack On Weathertop – Merry, Frodo, Aragon & 2 x Nazgul

…and you can see equally crappy pics of those sets’ packaging at Lord of the Brick. Infinite thanks to Purple Monkey Dishwasher for the tip.