This Is Still Better Than Those Potential Watchmen Prequels

Last year around this time Rob posted this video featuring one intrepid Watchmen fan’s DIY working Rorschach mask. It was pretty great…and a ton of work if you wanted to make one of your own. Not anymore. Now you too can look like comicdom’s favorite non-compromising psychopath thanks to the folks behind Rorschach Masks. The mask uses special thermochromic ink (honestly, I have no idea what that means but it sure sounds neat!) that reacts to the heat of your breath to create various patterns. It’s sort of like one of those trendy 1990s heat-sensitive shirts, only with a devotion to eating cold beans. So if you have $35 and a love for somewhat cool, kind of creepy headgear, today’s your lucky day. (Via The Awesomer)