And the New Cobra Commander Is…


?You may or may not recall that in IDW’s G.I. Joe comics (the new IDW continuity ones by Chuck Dixon, not the Larry Hama-written and Friend of TR S.L. Gallant-drawn Marvel comic continuity sequels), Chuckles had infiltrated Cobra and shot Cobra Commander right in his fucking head, which began the Cobra Civil War storyline and had all the Cobra baddies vying for the top spot. Well, USA Today revealed who snagged the crown, so to speak, and the reveal is after the jump. Hint: It’s not the puppy.


?It’s Krake.

If you’re like me, your first question is “Who the fuck is Krake”? Well, he’s a character Chuck Dixon created for the new IDW Joe-verse. Pretty much nothing of interest comes up on him when you do a Google search for “gi joe Krake” — he doesn’t even have a Joepedia page. If you read the USA Today article, you get this:

The man underneath the shiny helmet is none other
than the mysterious Krake. Created by Dixon, the bloodthirsty character
has been seen here and there in stories, but has mainly seemed more
interested in taking out as many members of the Joe team as possible
than leading the entire group.

Krake has one
more twist up his sleeve in the final interview, though, and readers
will see there’s way more to him than they might have first thought.

“We establish that he’s utterly ruthless, which I think Cobra Commander has to be,” Dixon says.

Krake is definitely a scarier and nastier Cobra
Commander than G.I. Joe fans have seen before. 

Cobra Commander is much more dangerous because he doesn’t have any
friend and he doesn’t want to present himself as somebody you can talk
to or that wants to talk to you the way that the other Commander did. He
would have a conversation before he shot you. This new one would not.”

Other than “ruthless,” that doesn’t really say a whole lot of the character, but apparently he’ll get an origin in the G.I. Joe Annual whose cover is pictured above, written by Dixon and, yes, drawn by S.L. GALLANT WHO IS TOTALLY MY FRIEND IN  REAL LIFE. I admit, it’s a little anticlimatic to for CC to be a character few people have ever heard of, but, as long as this origin story doesn’t reveal Krake is a disillusioned ex-used car salesman, he will be slightly more menacing that the original Cobra Commander.