Sam Worthington Teaches Jonah Hill How to Murder People

If you had a TV turned on yesterday, you very possibly saw this new ad for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 starring Avatar‘s Sam Worthington and Jonah Hill (certainly, it came on several million times while I was watching football). A few thoughts:

? Activision made the bold choice to have the tall attractive guy be the expert game player and the short, shlubby guy be “the noob.” It’s almost as if they considered MW3 to be a game for non-nerds or something.
? Thin Jonah Hill freaks me out.
? This is, and I’m being totally serious here, Sam Worthington’s finest performance. I genuinely feel he did a better acting job in this commercial than in the entirety of Avatar and Clash of the Titans. Admittedly that was not a high bar to clear.
? The guy at the end who you’re clearly supposed to know is Dwight Howard from the Orlando Magic NBA team.
? I think Activision could have saved a lot of money by replacing the commercial with nothing but text reading “NERDS PLAY GAMES WITH DRAGONS IN THEM. REAL MEN PLAY MODERN WARFARE 3.” It’s pretty much the same thing, right?