Really? Star Wars Cufflinks? Oh, Why the Hell Not


?Nerdy cufflinks strike me as ill-advised. Generally, if you’re going out and are so dressed up as to need cufflinks at all, I imagine you’re going someplace where nerdy cufflinks would be frowned upon, fashion-wise. There can’t be that many events where you both need to wear cufflinks yet are allowed to wear nerdy cufflinks, is what I’m saying.

However, if you do have such an event in your future, you might as well head to and check out their Star Wars cufflink collection. They range from the obvious and ugly, such as the Darth Maul face pictured here, to the more subtle, such as X-Wing and Millennium Falcon styles, and then the actually possibly genuinely fashionable as long as you don’t tell anyone its from Star Wars, i.e. the Rebel insignia (there’s no Empire insignia, though, which strikes me as weird). You can check them all out and pre-order them here. They do cost $60, but can you really put a price on unfashionable fashion? I think not.