Halloween Costumes for Nerdy Characters: And the Winners Are…


?Because of some personal shenanigans, I’m posting the Halloween contest results, and then I’m done for the day. Things should be back to normal tomorrow. My apologies; I can only hope Serenity-Corgi somehow makes up for it. HMs and winners after the jump. (Via Warming Glow)

Did you know that All Saints Day is also All Honorable Mention Day? It’s not true, but I had to write something here.

Brian Walton:

Bruce Wayne as…
? Batman from The Animated Series (If he pre-orders his costume from GameStop)
? Batman from Batman Beyond (If he pre-orders his costume from GameStop UK)
? Batman from Batman Returns (If he orders the Collector’s Edition)
? Batman from Earth One (If he pre-orders his costume from Mighty Ape)
Robin (If he pre-orders his costume from Best Buy)


Deadpool as Bea Arthur.


? The Joker trick-or-treats as Ned Flanders, condemning people to Hell as he does so.
? Indiana Jones goes as Han Solo to fool the Nazis.
? Professor X pretends to be a decent human being.
? R2D2 rocks his Dalek costume.
? Rob Bricken dons a smug, shit-eating “I keep directing awful movies with huge budgets with no regard for the original fanbase, fuck you very much” grin and crashes Halloween parties as Michael Bay.


G1 Shockwave as Pamela Anderson.

Brando Lars:

1) Cthulhu as Doctor Zoidberg or Perhaps it should be Zoidberg as Cthulhu but I love the Idea of a 50ft God of Madness wandering around New New York Trying to impersonate that lovable smuck….
2) Daredevil as a Bowling Ball . I’m sure you can figure out why…….
Always trying to knock down the Kingpin.
3) Tim Hunter as Harry Potter oh wait…….

Steve C.:

– Michael Myers cleans his mask and goes as William Shatner.
– Short Round slaps on a pair of Rollerblades, grabs a Louisville Slugger and goes as Shonen Bat.
– The Sarlacc hangs up a few pictures and lights and goes as Optimus Prime’s beautifully adorned rectum.
– Tetsuo’s nightmare teddy bear pulls a red T-shirt over his torso and goes as Winnie the Pooh.
– The Thing goes as whoever the fuck it wants. No, seriously. It’s already at this party. Been here for a couple of hours. Try and guess who it is. I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Animation Revelation:

? Pyramid Head as Phineas, his Sword is Ferb.
? Vegeta as Ash Ketchum, who can suddenly turn into Matt from Digimon when angry.


The Headless Horseman as Jango Fett
Harry Potter’s Forehead as the AC/DC logo
Tyrion Lannister as Lord Voldemort
Sauron as the Back of a Dollar Bill
Larfleeze as Uncle Deadly from the Muppet Show

Paul F – SkullsForTots:

Tim Curry as Ming the Merciless
Shigero Miyamoto as Master Chief
Bill Gates as Steve Jobs
Captain Harlock as Smithers
Kurt Russell as Ramona Flowers


M.O.D.O.K. as Krang from TMNT


Skyfire as a VF-1 Valkyrie


Costumes, and what awards they’d get if they were at a party/contest together:
1. Chewbacca: Cousin Itt (Laziest Costume)
2. Wolverine: Banana Costume (Last-minute costume, funniest (if only because a pissed off Logan smoking a cigar while in a banana costume is just hilarious to me, I don’t know why))
3. Blade: Edward Cullen (Scariest Costume)
4. Tom Baker’s 4th Doctor: Disco Stu from The Simpsons (but he’d still wear the scarf) (Best Costume)

Matt Sinor:

Lando Calrissian as Cowboy Curtis.


Deadpool decides to go out as The Ghost of Marilyn Monroe. So he goes puts on silky panties, see through bra, stockings, High Heel pumps, a sleek sexy dress, Blond wig and even a fake mole then cuts eye holes out of a sheet and puts it on.

Gareth Williams:

Lion-O is…. The MGM lion.


? Darth Vader: Catwoman
? Lion-o: a Troll doll
? Sue Storm as Harry Potter under his cloak
? Hal Jordan and Sinestro as Link and Tingle


Petyr Baelish a.k.a “Littlefinger” as Pedobear


Eric Bana, Edward Norton, Mark Ruffalo………………..The Human Hulkipede


Wedge Antilles dresses up as Luke Skywalker and wears a sign that reads “I’m a dickhead with not even a year of flight training under my belt who enjoys making everyone else in Rogue Squadron look like a bunch of amateurs who would’ve been better off spending all their years of training learning how to blow themselves.”


? The Thundercats as the Voltron lions.
? Megatron as James Bond’s Walther PPK


Dr. Doom as a unicorn with a stuffed Dr. Doom riding it.


Fran (Final Fantasy 12) – Playboy Bunny


Link as Zelda, because everyones already going to f***ing call him Zelda, so he might as well give in.

Whoever the current Robin is (I have no idea and I’m not going to bother) dressing up as Richie Rich, just to taunt Bruce Wayne with basically what he would’ve been if his parents hadnt been murdered in a back alley.


Dex-starr the Red Latern cat as Church from Pet Semetary.
She-Hulk as a slutty Ninja Turtle.

The Lewd Ood:

A Dragon Quest slime as a Hershey Kiss

Scooter Atreides:

Caprica Six as “The Brave Little Toaster”


? Captain Marvel as a Mini Babybel cheese wheel
? Mojo as Harry Plinkett
? Sauron the sometimes Lord of the Savage Land as Sauron the Dark Lord of Mordor
? Tony Stark as the Tin Woodsman
? Power Girl as Christina Hendricks but everybody assumes she’s Jessica Rabbit


Velociraptors as paleontologically correct Velociraptors (hunched over with liberally applied stick on turkey feathers)


Optimus Prime as The Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile

The Nerd Princess:

Frodo Baggins — the Travelocity Gnome


Jean Luc Picard as Charlie Brown


Ant Man and Wasp as Ike and Tina Turner
Barbara Gordon as Stephen Hawking
Magneto as Anne Frank
Superman with Kryptonite Pants as Christopher Reeve

Mark Ranel:

? Tony Stark (in a modded Iron Man suit) as the Iron Giant
? Lex Luthor as Piccolo
? And a three-in-one: Introducing, TYRION’S LABORATORY —
Tyrion Lannister as Dexter, Boy Genius
Cersei Lannister as his sister Dee Dee
Jaime Lannister as Mandark

Thunder Snow:

The Ryan Reynolds’ Hal Jordan wears a shirt that says “This is my costume.”


The Phantom dresses up as The Phantom, and spends the rest of the evening explaining who he is dressed up as.
Annoyed by this, The Phantom glues a coathanger to his head, and is suddenly dressed up as Tinky Winky.

Kevin Hellions:

The casts of Grimm and Once Upon a Time as characters in the much better Veritgo book, Fables.


Johnny Lawrence and his buds at the Cobra Kai dojo as the palette-swap ninjas of Mortal Kombat. Johnny Lawrence is Sub-Zero because he’s the coolest (naturally), Tommy is Scorpion as he has a catchphrase as memorable as “Get Over Here!” (matter of fact, he can combine them: “Get Over Here and Get Him A Bodybag!”), Bobby is Cyrax as he’s the most sympathetic, Dutch is Rain as they are both unappealing assholes, and Jimmy is Noob Saibot because both are practically unnoticeable or have any distinction. And naturally John Kreese is Shao Kahn (“FINISH HIM!”).

And now for the Winners!


Oz from Buffy, Professor Lupin from Harry Potter, and George from Being Human–Three Wolf Moon T-shirt

Dottie here had several entries, but she unfortunately blew them all out of the water with this one. Dear nerd shirt companies — make this into a real t-shirt, and watch the money roll in. Meanwhile, Dottie gets a TR shirt for her brilliant idea.

Ricky Namara:

Bran Stark as Oracle/Barbara Gordon and Jaime Lannister as The Joker.

I’m delighted to announce that long-time Topless Roboteer Ricky Namara has finally wone his first t-shirt for a Halloween idea as hilarious as it is cruel and inappropriate, and holy shit is it cruel and inappropriate. I would expect nothing else of the oft-suiciding Ricky.


DCnU Starfire dressed as the “Easy” Button from the Staples commercials.

If I may comment on this entry in a word, that word would be “AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.”

Congrats to the winners, and thanks to everyone who entered. This was such a good time I think I’ll be making this the annual TR Halloween Contest, assuming I remember next year. Make sure to stop by this weekend, because I’m 99% TR will be doing its biggest contest ever; and again, TR should be back to normal coverage tomorrow.