The Thor 2 Director Is Revealed to Be… Huh?


?Patty Jenkins will be the director of Thor 2. If that name doesn’t sound familiar, that’s pretty understandable; she’s best-known for the 2002 drama movie Monster, a.k.a. Charlize Theron in Ugly Make-Up: The Movie. She’s also directed episodes of Arrested Development, The Killing and Entourage.

I don’t think I’m going to rock anyone’s world by suggesting that Marvel might just be hiring her because she’s cheap as opposed to her incredible oeuvre. However, Marvel movies have been so strong that I’m not going to worry about it, at least until I see a trailer or something. And while Jenkins doesn’t have any experience that suggest she can do superhero flicks, she can obviously do good work (Monster was critically acclaimed, and she won an Emmy for The Killing) and maybe that’s all Thor 2 needs. If she keeps the awesome visual design, has a good script and has someone good storyboard the action scenes, Thor 2 should be just fine, don’t you think? Or forget the script and everything else, and just keep Chris Hemsworth shirtless for half of it. It’ll still be the biggest movie of the year.(Via CBR)