Own a Very Unique — and Kind of Gross — Bit of Superman Memorabilia


?You’re not looking at something I fished out of my shower drain this morning, although you’d be forgiven for thinking so. No, instead you’re looking at a one-of-a-kind piece of Superman memorabilia — a lock of Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel’s hair. It’s being auctioned off next month by Comic Collect. And less you think it’s just anyone’s hair masquerading as the comics icon, it has been confirmed by Siegel’s widow and comes with a note from Siegel himself, who wrote:

“These hairs are from the head which originated the character SUPERMAN.
And to think that during the early years when I sought the get the
character before the public, scoffing editors called it a hair-brained
idea.” 8/19/77 Jerry Siegel

The only reason I’m reporting this bit of insanity is because I desperately hope a supervillain buys the hair and uses it to create Nuclear Jerry Siegel. He’d get his copyrights back, that’s for sure. (Via Blastr)