It’s a Good Day to Be Either a Marauder or a Dreadnok

road pig.jpg

?Hasbro revealed two new Big Bad Toy Store-exclusive G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary 7-packs at NYCC, and I think more than a few of you will be interested. One is of Sgt. Slaughter’s Marauders, which includes: Barbecue, Falcon, Low Light, Mercer, Red Dog, Spirit and Taurus. The other is of the lesser-known Dreadnok, including: Burn Out, Gnawgahyde, Road Pig, Thrasher, Zandar, Zanya, and Zanzibar. No one seems to have taken any shots of the groups (I included Road Pig here because of his awesome name and design), but you can had over to The Terrordrome to see every individual figure, and then ToyNewsI has more shots.