The Canceled Avengers Game Is Probably a Spoiler, But Definitely Heartbreaking


?First: This is footage of THQ’s apparently canceled Avengers game — a game most likely tied to the movie, but not definitively. Second: I’m putting it after the jump because if it is tied to the movie, it confirms one of the film’s most rumored villains. Third: THQ has been pulling these videos down like crazy, so if you want to see it, do so immediately. Fourth: I say heartbreaking because having seen this footage I WANT THIS GAME SO FUCKING BAD. Why did you cancel it, THQ? Why do you hate happiness? Why don’t you want my money?

A first-person multiplayer superhero game? where I can play as Hulk, Thor, Cap or Iron Man? WHY WAS THIS CANCELED WHY GOD WHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY