DVD Day: September 6th, 2011


?? X-Men: First Class
The story of how Professor X, the World’s Douchiest Telepath, and Magneto, Master of Fassbendism, met. My original review is here.

? Community: The Complete Second Season
I think Community is one of the best comedies currently on TV, and I think it’s pretty nerdy as well. However, I would argue that the Dungeons & Dragons episode alone, which is included in this set, makes it an invaluable part of any nerd’s media library.

? Fringe: The Complete Third Season
The season that proved Anna Torv is actually a pretty damned good actress.

? Hellraiser
On Blu-ray. Hellraiser II is also on Blu-ray too, somewhere.

? No Ordinary Family: The Complete First Season
Really? “The Complete First Season”? Not “The Complete Series”? Looks like somebody’s mediocre superhero TV series is in denial.

? Airwolf: The Movie
Somewhere, Jan Michael Vincent is doing a righteous fist-pump.

? Street Fighter: The New Challengers
Some kind of motion comic thing, I assume. I know nothing about it, except by the law of averages, it almost certainly must be several million times better than Legend of Chun Li.