Catwomanscatearsgate Actually Wasn’t Over, But It Is Now


?So a new Dark Knight Rises set pic — the one above, actually — shows off Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman wearing not only a blask mask, but honest to goodness cat ears. So I guess we can stop worrying about whether her goggles look cat-ear-y enough when pushed back on her head, because, well, regular cat ears.

I don’t want to complain — I originally just wanted something to visually signify her as Catwoman, and this certainly does — she just looks more like the ’60 Batman TV show Catwoman a la Julie Newmar and Lee Meriweather than I was expecting. It’s a little weird. not bad, though, just a little weird. But hey, Catwoman’s got cat ears now, and that’s all I needed. I assume everything is is well within Chris Nolan’s range of abilities. (Via Comics Alliance)