Here’s a Comic Death That’s a Real Spoiler


And thus I’m putting it after the jump. I’m kind of shocked, in all honesty.



Hellboy apparently dies in Hellboy: The Fury #3 — and unlike the last time when Hellboy died, this time it’s permanent, according to creator Mike Mignola. From an interview with CBR:

I killed Hellboy once before, but he came back
pretty quick,” the writer/artist explained. “I knew he was dead, and I
was waiting for people to go, ‘Oh shit! Hellboy’s dead!’ But nobody
seemed to notice. So this time we’re doing Hellboy’s death where you’ll
go, ‘No. He’s dead, and he’s not coming back in 12 minutes.’ There was a
little bit of work that had to go into that because this really is the
end of him as that physical character that appeared in the very first
issue. It’s a weird thing to do, but it’s fun.”

Wow. Admittedly, I’m not even slightly caught up on the Hellboy comics, but I did not see this coming. What’s weird is that Mignola doesn’t sound like he’s done with the Hellboy universe at all. Obviously, he has BRPD going on, and the setting is such that Hellboy could still be part of the story even while dead, but I wonder how many readers will keep going once big red buys it on August 10th. Thanks to Weeb for the tip.