Geek Apparel of the Week: Targaryen Red Ale, Dr. Hoo, Coat of (No) Arms


?? I’m actually disappointed this is only a shirt and not a real beer I can drink.It’s $14 at T-Shirt Laundry.

dr hoo design_01.jpg

?? When I first heard the name of this shirt, featuring all the Doctor Who Doctors as owls. I thought it was so goofy and obvious it actually made me mad. Then I saw it and realized how well-drawn and eerily accurate the owls are to each Doctor, and forgave the shirt and let love into my heart again. It’s $20 at Threadless.


?? The only way this Holy Grail shirt could be any better is if the motto was “I’ll bite your legs off!” instead. It’s $10 at Woot, today only.