Actual Dark Knight Rises Trailer < Bootleg Avengers Trailer

The Dark Knight Rises trailer is now out in an official, watchable form. Why, it seems like just last week when I was so excited by shaky footage of Jim Gordon lying on a hospital bed, talking to Bruce Wayne. How young I was, how naive! How could I have known the Avengers trailer would come out this morning?

Seriously, I know Chris Nolan is quite the auteur and Dark Knight was great, but this teaser is so dull compared to the bootleg Avengers trailer that leaked this morning it’s hilarious. if there’s anything that sums up Marvel and DC’s movie business, it’s this: DC = Old guy muttering softly on a hospital bed. Marvel: Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and more being awesome and breaking shit. I feel like I say this once every three months, but if I were a Warner Bros. executive and I watched my Dark Knight Rises trailer and Marvel’s Avengers trailer this morning, I would fire the shit out of somebody. Thanks to all jillion of you who sent this in.