Awesome, Interactive, and Yet Actually Kind of Dull Trailer for Super 8 in Portal 2

So apparently there’s a trailer for J.J. Abrams’ Spielberg-ian alien flick Super 8 in the PC version of Portal 2. Except it’s not really a trailer, it’s a game where you can move around and look at stuff. Except it’s also not really a game, because you can’t interact with anything, and all you can do is wander around a train car looking at shit until the train crashes at a pre-determined time — and then all you can do is wander around the wreckage until you get to a certain location and it triggers and in-game event, which actually sounds more exciting than it is, because it’s the same thing that was shown in the first Super 8 teaser trailer from last year.

I really wanted to be excited by this — interactive movie trailers sound awesome to me in theory — but this just fell flat. I can’t decide if this was just an imperfect example or the whole idea of an interactive trailer is flawed. Although I always get shit whenever I ask what you guys think — as if I’m AICN and need your opinion to form my own — I’d genuinely like to know what you guys think about this. (Via The Mary Sue, video by Kotaku, obviously)