Revenge of the Awesome Lego Mini-Figures You’ll Never Own

lego series 4.jpg

?You know the deal. Lego makes awesome Lego mini-figures; no one ever sees them on toy store shelves. Here’s series 4 from left to right, by row:

? Gnome, Geisha (actually called Kimono Girl), Musketeer, Punk Rocker
? Surfer Girl, Viking, The Monster (Frankenstein’s monster, obviously), Hockey Player
? Street Skater, Sailor, pro Soccer Player, Werewolf
? Hazmat Guy, Artist, Ice Skater (more a figure skater, but whatever), Crazy Scientist

There are more pics of each over at Eurobricks. The release date isn’t known, but since you’ll never have a chance to purchase them anyways, it doesn’t particularly matter. (Via 16bit)