New Transformers Dark of the Moon of the Videogame of the Trailer

Let me start out by saying something nice about this game — it’s being developed by the guys who did the not-perfect-but-reasonably-fun-for-Transformers-fans War for Cybertron. Also, the environments looks great, and much more varied than they did in Cybertron, so that’s cool. Also, there’s a good look at what I assume is Laserbeak, which probably delights a few of you guys.

The bad news? Well, it’s that Optimus Prime is getting a little preachy, I still don’t know who 60% of the fucking Transformers in the game are, and thanks to the Bayformers designs it appears to everybody five full minutes to get from one mode to the other.

And now for the ugly: I’m pretty sure, if cartoon or War for Cybertron Optimus had grown a fucking chainsaw hand, I would have loved it. But by virtue of the fact a Bayformer is doing it, I pretty much hate it. I understand that’s not fair, but neither was Revenge of the Fallen, frankly. (Via Seibertron)