A Tale of Three Wonder Woman Outfits

wonder woman x3.jpg

?And while we’re on the subject of live-action representations of DC superheroes, let’s take another look at the new TV Wonder Woman, whose outfit caused so many people to go batshit insane on Friday. Now, you’ll recognize the official TV costume as the one in the middle above. On the left is a tweaked pic provided by Topless Roboteer Adder, in which the boots have been turned red, which is a massive improvement. On the right is a much more major tweak by this dude — the colors are more muted, the pants much darker (almost but not quite black) and, of course, the boots are also red. Some thoughts:

? I still don’t mind the original outfit. Minus the boots, of course.
? One thing I didn’t notice until later is that there are white stars going down the sides of the pants.
? I can’t say for certain, but I bet the suit will look far less shiny on the actual show than in this highly lit promo shot.
? In regards to the pic on the right, I like it, too. Actually, when I first thought the pants were black, I really liked it.
? They gotta change those boots to red. Christ.

The suit on the right is more… I’ll say realistic, for want of a better term, but I don’t think that’s what the Wonder Woman show is going for. I think they’re going for something more comic book-y, by which I mean light in tone, and not having anything to do with the Wonder Woman comics, obviously. I still say Kelley is rebooting the ’70s Wonder Woman show more than he’s doing anything with the comic character, and since that was WW’s heyday, I think that’s probably the right move. By virtue of the fact that pretty much of none of us can agree on who Wonder Woman is or should be or even look like (although my favorite were the people who complained that TV WW’s outfit didn’t look Greek enough, AS IF WONDER WOMAN’S OUTFIT EVER LOOKED GREEK IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER) clearly, they’ve got a better shot at appealing to mass audiences than appealing to us.