The Second Thor Trailer? It’s Hammer Time

The second official full-length Thor trailer came out of nowhere yesterday. Since I was originally expecting very little from the Thor move, the first trailer blew me away; now that my hopes have been raised, I feel this new trailer is about par for the course. All the Asgard stuff looks pretty badass, but there seems to be at least an equal amount of Thor walking around on Earth in tight jeans, which worries me (the amount of him being powerless-on-Earth stuff worries me; I’ll happily grant you ladies and gay men the joy of Chris Hemsworth in tight jeans). This trailer has a few more comedy bits in it than the previous ones, which makes me worry now that the movie might be too jokey… but then the Destroyer is still pretty fucking badass. Hopefully it all evens out.

I don’t want to sound like I dislike this trailer or am genuinely worried for Thor now, but I’m not as blindly optimistic as I was before I saw it… which, all in all, is probably a good thing. I still think this is the most difficult Marvel character to sell to mass audiences, and I don’t think anyone can or should expect it to be another Iron Man. I think it needs to be graded on a curve. If it gets anywhere close to being as Iron Man, I’ll count it a massive success.