The Dragon Age Is Also the Felicia Day Age, Apparently

felicia day age origins.jpg

?From USA Today:

Already well-known to video-game fans as the creator of Web comedy series The Guild about online game players, the actress has written and stars in a new Web series, Dragon Age: Redemption, based in the world of BioWare’s role-playing Dragon Age game franchise.

Day’s six-episode run, due to hit the Web this year, is set in Ferelden, the same fantasy land in which 2009’s Dragon Age: Origins and the upcoming sequel Dragon Age II play out. In the Tolkienesque
sword-and-sorcery adventure game, several races join forces to combat a
scourge called the Darkspawn (think of them as cousins to the orcs in The Lord of the Rings).

A peek at the Dragon Age II narrative shows Day wrote an original story line around a character for herself, Tallis, an Elven assassin.

“Tallis is headstrong, she fights dirty, and she
has a really sarcastic sense of humor,” she says. “I wanted to bring a
modern sensibility to a fantasy character in a fantasy world.”

Tallis goes on a quest to capture a renegade
magician. Along the way, she gathers her own fellowship. “She can’t
accomplish her mission alone, so finding allies is tricky,” Day says.
“The success or failure of the mission will have a big impact on her
future and her freedom.”

So Felicia Day is making a Dragon Age webseries. Neat. Since I’m still waiting to play Dragon Age: Origins (although Topless Roboteer Paul F. is actually being kind enough to send me his copy — thanks, Paul!) and I haven’t watched much of The Guild, I don’t really have any thoughts on this, other that than hopefully Bioware will pay for some decent sets and effects. Oh! And let me go ahead and start the online position to get Legend of Neil‘s Tony Janning a cameo on there. I know you can’t autoerotically asphyxiate yourself with a wireless controller, but Day’s a writer. Surely she can think of something.