NY Toy Fair 2011 Report: Mattel

As much as I’m obsessed with Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics figures, I don’t think there was any news there worth reporting to the mass nerd populace. If you’re a fellow addict, you can see pics of the new figures here. Everyone else, here’s the good stuff.

? The Justice League Unlimited line is ending this year (kind of sad, but it’s a miracle it lasted this long). Besides a few random figures, apparently there’ll be a seven-pack that contains seven “card-carrying” Justice League members who haven’t had figures yet. Guesses?


?? When JLU end, the Young Justice figures begin; they look very nice, at least if you like the cartoon designs. ToyNewsI says the figures will be 4.75-inches and 6 inches… meaning if you’ve been collecting Mattel’s 3.75-inch DC lines, I guess you’re shit out of luck.

? There will be two special Batman lines — Batman Legacy (of various Golden Age and Silver Age versions of Bat-characters) and Arkham City (from the upcoming game). If you think these are the type of figures that DC Direct usually makes, you are not alone.


?? Ghostbusters‘ Louis Tully is coming. With three heads, one of which is a hellhound head. Nice. If someone doesn’t customize one of these things into a Dark Helmet figure, I will be crushed.

? Back to the Future toys are coming in 2012. Apparently Mattel only has the rights to Marty and Doc Brown. That’s probably fine, but how difficult could it be to get the rights to Biff and the others?

? Last but not least, there’s going to be a Green Lantern and Carol Ferris Ken and Barbie. A fucking Carol Ferris Barbie. Insanity. (Via ToyNewsI)