James Franco Is Good for Health, Bad for Education


?Let me assure you this is only a rumor — and I’m only indulging it because it’s a slow news day and because of my fondness for the material — but James Franco has reportedly been offered the role of Kaneda in the American Akira remake. Now, I can’t imagine that the U.S. Akira will be anything other than a disaster, but if it has to happen, I’m pro-Franco, and here’s why:

? He looks young. Not like a teen punk young, but young.
? He’s a genuinely excellent actor.
? He’s done very odd, specific roles before and done them well.
? He has a genuine interest in Japanese culture.

Obviously, that’s not the world’s greatest argument, but I still feel better Franco than 90% of the rest of Hollywood actors. I’d just as soon the movie not happen — honestly, I think Akira is too intrinsically tied to ’80s Japan to ever be remade anywhere — but if it has to happen, I’m down with Franco. (Via Moviefone)