Fan Fiction Friday: Final Fantasy 7’s Red XIII in “Beast and the Harlots”


?In Todd Ciolek’s list of underused but awesome Final Fantasy characters, someone brought up Final Fantasy VII’s Red XIII as a contender, and I thought he had a good point. Red XIII is a talking, sentient wolf who’s the last of his species but was also captured by Shinra for some very ill-definied science experiments; also, his tail is perpetually on fire. They could have done a lot more with him. I mention this 1) so people who didn’t play FF7 know who the hell Red XIII is before they read today’s FFF, and 2) because this fan fic from author Megadeth425 won’t be helping Red XIII’s popularity particularly.

Red sat looming in the corner near the campfire. It was he and Tifa’s
shift on guard duty, and they sat in pretty much utter silence. Tifa
looked off in the other direction, not even making eye contact with him,
but after a while he began to pick up a strange smell. He snapped
immediately out of his daze as his head perked around, his powerful
sense of smell homing in on the exact location. It was coming

TIFA, WOULD YOU PLEASE TURN DOWN YOUR VAGINA I’M TRYING TO SLEEP. Grab your potions and phoenix downs, and then hit the jump.

Now that his senses were alert, he could also hear a very minor whimper
from the busty fighter, and a slight squishing sound. He realized soon
that she was masturbating.

The aroma of her dripping sex overwhelmed him. He closed his eyes and
tried to think of something else, but the scent wafted around him, and
his heightened senses drove him mad. He was young my the standards of
his race, going through puberty, virile, and since he was the last of
his kind, mating was impossible. He’d never had such powerful urges
before, though.

That soon changed. He tried so hard to resist it, but as if the smell of
her vagina itself pulled his cock to attention, he lost control. He was
fully aroused, and nothing would slate his thirst now.

His thirst… for pussy juice.

Tifa, blissfully unaware, continued to sit there with her eyes closed,
her fingers idly tending to her neglected vagina as she fantasized of
Cloud and the day they could finally be happy together. She was so lost
in her own world she didn’t hear the heavy panting grow louder as the
footsteps neared her. By the time she knew something was up, it was too

Um, not to be a dick, but Tifa’s vagina doesn’t sound particularly neglected to me. Besides, I thought the whole reason Red XIII woke up is because her vagina was not being neglected.

Tifa nearly cried out in shock as she found herself yanked from her
dream world, the snarling red beast standing over her. His large,
engorged penis measured nearly a foot in length and about a third as
thick, and it pressed itself right at the entrance of her virginal
pussy. “Please, Nanaki, don’t,” she pleased, even using his first name
in hopes of calming him down, but it was all in vain.

Tifa — polite, even when she’s about to be raped by a giant wolf.

The warrior told herself to be strong as he plunged his massive cock
deep into her vagina, ripping through her hymen and filling her to the
brim. Frantically his body moved, far faster than any human could
muster, plunging his manhood deep into her, reaching far beyond the
threshold of what her untouched canal could hold.

Can the author call Red XIII’s penis “manhood”? I don’t think he can.

To Red, however, it was all a blur. He saw Tifa, the ebony-haired
beauty, her bountiful breasts, her luscious legs, and he lost it. He
continued to fuck her in his frenzied lust, his long tongue lashing at
her cleavage, a snarl telling Tifa what to do.

“Snarl. Uh… keep having a vagina. If I think of anything else for you to do, I’ll snarl again.”

Totally confused as to why he was acting like this, she obliged, hoping
he wouldn’t hurt her. Her round, soft, breasts bounced out of her top as
she ripped it open, presenting herself to him with a wince.

Tifa — polite, even when she’s being raped by a giant wolf.

Red jumped on the chance instantly, burying his face in her ample
cleavage as his monstrous cock passed faster through her puffy labia,
his low-hanging testicles audibly slapping against her firm buttocks as
he hammered her fine pussy like a beast possessed. His paws roamed her
body, feeling every inch of toned muscle and the strange contrast with
her soft curves.

Tifa whimpered as he continued, though her sobs slowly turned into
moans, much to her chagrin, as the feeling of his massive cock filling
her drove her mad. It was painful; she could feel blood trickle out of
her cunt, mixed with her fluids, but it was strangely arousing. And then
his tongue, so long and wet, treating so thoroughly her breasts. He was
a beast, but everything he did in his blood haze drove her mad. The
initial shock passed, and she found herself enjoying it more and more as
a strange smell arose.

Which is when her vagina woke up Cloud, Barret and Cid, who immediately got in line.

Red was now unintentionally giving off pheromones used by his species to
enchant members of the opposite sex. All his exertion triggered them by
complete accident. A way to ensure mates for life, they had an almost
hypnotic effect that lulled any of the opposite sex who came into
contact with it to be hopelessly devoted to their mate, and he ensnared

Oh, so there’s a legitimate reason why Tifa is enjoying being raped. I do so enjoy it when erotic fan fic authors go the extra mile and find some kind of justification for this, as opposed to just assuming “BITCHEZ LUV IT.”

Now the raven-headed warrior wasn’t fighting or moping, but instead
thrusting in complement to his actions, crying out his name in total
lust, as he pounded her harder. She could hear the squishing sound grow
louder as the aphrodisiac made her body ripe for the picking. Her
nipples hardened and her body temperature shot up. Sweat ran down her
body with intensity as the shreds of her broken shirt lay by her side.

Red now took one of his breasts into his mouth, instinctively suckling
on her teat, though nothing came out. He had to change that, though; yet
another primal instinct came to the forefront. He would claim Tifa
Lockhart as his mate.

He howled as his stopped dead in his tracks, holding completely still.
His cock swelled up so much that Tifa matched his howl as even further
he stretched her inner walls.

Yes, women love nothing more than having their vaginas stretched to the breaking point. That’s why giving birth is such a sexy, pleasurable experience for them. Right, ladies?

His seed exploded into the fighter’s womb, unloading copious amounts of
his fertile jizz into her equally fertile body. His howls continued as
spurt after spurt of his white delight spilled into her. Tifa’s own
orgasm had triggered by this point, her vagina, already pushed to the
max, clutched down on his swollen cock and milked more of his seed,
hungrily claiming it for herself as she could feel her body become
little more than a sperm receptacle for the lion-like beast.

Finally, when his knot had died down and he was able to pull out, he did
so, laying on top of his new mate, his seed practically spilling out of
her vagina. He looked her deep in the eye as his large tongue clumsily
met hers.

Through it all, the rest of the group, tired from a very hard trek, had
slept placidly, only Cloud even turning a bit at Red’s ear-piercing

Jesus, no one wakes up at a wolf power-fucking someone in the same camp? Did they win a bottle of Ambien after a random encounter earlier?

**********************(scene break)**********************
Red and Tifa continued their nightly romps, lucky that the night watch
schedule suit them perfectly. Over two weeks, Tifa had showed signs of
pregnancy, her belly and her breasts beginning to swell up remarkably
fast. They kept it up, each passing day of her pregnancy making her want
his seed more and more. They began to offer up double shifts of watch
duty, letting Barrett and Cid sleep right through theirs, just because
it gave them more time together.

As a fan of Tifa in particular and breasts in general, even I am aghast at the idea of Tifa’s breasts getting larger.

“Please, give me your cum, Nanaki,” Tifa pleaded. Red straddled her
face, his hind paws up against a tree as he pressed his front paws
against the ground. Tifa sat in front of him, his monster cock waiting
on her lips.

Red XIII’s real name is Nanaki in the game, although everyone calls him Red XIII. If you think this is obnoxious on the part of the author, it is. Not as obnoxious as calling the Mad Hatter Tarrant, but still pretty annoying.

“Earn it, Tifa,” was his reply before shoving half of his cock directly into her mouth.

Tifa was more than willing to earn whatever he thought she had to earn.
Her gloves discarded, her oddly soft hands, never coming into direct
contact with her targets, felt so good against his long cock as she
jerked off what she couldn’t take into her mouth, which was increasingly
less. He fed a little more cock to her each time she sucked him off,
and now she could take eight inches without a problem, leaving her deft
hand to stroke his remaining four. Her other hand found its way to his
ball sack, believing stimulating it would elicit a reaction faster.


He took his mouth to her breasts, reaching them even upside-down as they
began to fall a little due to the added weight. He relieved her,
suckling from her breasts that now produced milk. He lovingly sucked up
all her reserves, enjoying the warm, thirst-quenching milk she had for
their child. Until it came, though, he would gladly relieve her breasts
of their load. There was no reason he couldn’t have a little.


He continued to thrust into her mouth from his strange position, her
full lips wrapped tightly around his red shaft as her hand worked his
base. Her lips were so tightly pressed together that it almost created a
vacuum, tugging on his skin, trying to elicit his cum faster. Her
finger had drifted from his balls and down to her vagina, which quivered
as she nursed her mate.

Alas, Tifa’s vacuum was too powerful, and Red XIII’s penis imploded in her mouth.

Red saw her hands drift to her vagina and decided that receiving a
blowjob while she needed satisfaction was unacceptable. He spun around,
his front legs now pressed against the tree, as his cock plunged deep
into his mate as he began to fuck her wildly and with seemingly no

Tifa loved the surprise fucking. She was completely caught off-guard,
thinking it impossible for him to move to quickly, but he did, his cock
going from her mouth to her pussy before she could realize anything. She
wrapped her arms around her mate as her inner walls clutched his
manhood with just as much thirst for his seed as her lips. She’d come to
live for his seed, nothing more. It was her drug, the feeling of his
seemingly endless spurts filling her body barely slating her thirst.

Parents, this is what happens when your kids don’t take D.A.R.E. classes — they get addicted to giant wolf semen. And they end up under bridges, blowing dudes to make money… to…uh… end up blowing wolves. Admittedly, I’m little foggy on who it works out.

Red continued to pound into her, easily outlasting Tifa as he finally
drained the last of her milk. He could feel her vagina clutch down on
him. It had finally adapted to his massive size, but only insofar it was
as tight a fit as possible. Her vagina wanted his cum, but he wouldn’t
give it to her. He pulled out just as his cock quivered, gaining a
little extra leverage on the tree they leaned on as he bust a nut on her
beautiful body.

God, I wish I could slap fan fic authors through the internet.

Tifa threw her head back and accepted his gift. Like every other night,
his load was damn-near overwhelming, his thick, sticky seed coating her
breasts, her face, her thighs, her child-bearing belly, and just about
everywhere else.

Tifa curled up next to her mate as she graciously accepted the gift of
his seed all over her body. “What now, my love? Should we leave soon so
that I can have your child away from all this violence?”

What violence? You mean all the beastiality going on at night?

“Soon, Tifa. Men in my species usually have more than one mate, and I
think that if he start our life anew, we should have some more company,
don’t you think?”

“I am bored with your enormous breasts and complete sexual subservience.”

“I love you, Nanaki, and I could live with you forever, just the two of us.”

“We will need more than the two of us if we wish to rekindle my species,
love. Don’t worry, you will have our child in safety, but I have a few
other mates in mind, so please, be patient.”

“I’ll wait until the end of the world for you.”
**********************(scene break)**********************

Ugh. You know, if this story had starred Cloud or any of the human male characters in FF7, it would just be an annoying male sex fantasy of having a harem of willing sex slaves. But no, author megadeth425 had to make the star a goddamn sentient wolf with magic semen. Sigh.

I’m going to skip ahead, partially because I want to end my own suffering, and partially because the next bits are pretty repetitive. All you need to know is that Red XIII’s magic sperm recruits Aeris and the 16-year-old ninja Yuffie to the cause of having Red XIII’s puppies and catering to his every sexual whim. The highlights include:

? Aeris masturbating with her 5-foot-or-so-long staff
? A description of Aeris’ pubic hair and history: “Miss Gainsborough sat against a tree facing away from the moon, her
skirt hiked up to reveal her vaginal area. Unlike Tifa’s clean, trimmed
black patch, Aeris had a sparse hairs all along her vagina, having never
learned about shaving from her foster mother.”
? The author using the word “cunny,” making me wish I could savagely beat someone through the internet
? The Yuffie sex scene being really, really rape-y

And then Red and his bitches decide to leave the party to have sex and babies and more sex.

**********************(scene break)**********************
Life had become pretty good for them since starting on their own. They
found a cave with ample food supply and a village nearby, the weather
was good, and it was secluded. Oh, so very secluded.

Oh, so it’s a Radio Shack.

That was probably the best part, as people may have reacted harshly to
what went on in the cave.

May have?

Red kept all three women satisfied.

He allowed them each to give him one blowjob a day.

Tifa and
Aeris had already given birth of two and three baby litters
respectively, and were on their second litter, while Yuffie was days
away from labour. All three women were suitably round, with Yuffie
surprisingly filling out as her pregnancy escalated. She now had breasts
to match Aeris’ before she got knocked up. Of course, that was of
little concern to Red. As long as he could suckle them, he was in

I wonder if Titty-Suckling Heaven is close to Hot Chick Heaven, a.k.a. the Sonic universe.

While the five babies running around, all showing minimal human traits,
had no idea what daddy was doing to their mommies, they nursed
constantly, and that included during intercourse.


?Really, asshole? Really?! By the way, this is the point where the story just goes off the rails, so you might want to consider stopping here.

Red pounded Aeris doggy style, two of her babies suckling from her
ample, dangling breasts as her mate’s paws ran along her burgeoning
stomach, eagerly awaiting the next batch. Yuffie handled the other baby,
and the only girl so far. It suckled from her breasts as Tifa relieved
her other tit, jamming her entire fist into Yuffie’s cunt, which Red had
easily made fit his cock after enough fucking. Dangling from her own
titties, Tifa’s own babies kept a surprising grip on her massive dirty
pillows, and even if they had no idea what they were doing, they dry
humped her swollen stomach as their siblings grew inside her. She could
tell that her offspring would be just as randy as their father was.

Why is Tifa fisting Yuffie? Is she trying to pet the unborn puppies?

One of the babies detached from Aeris’ breast and made its way over to
Tifa. It snuck between her legs and came face-to-face with her slick
vagina. He ventured a lick, sending a chill up the woman’s spine as the
long tongue made an agonizingly slow trip up her labia.

toht face melting.jpg


She moaned, the
babies dangling from her tits nearly falling off as she shuddered
violently. She then felt Yuffie’s hand creeping around her backside,
grabbing her soft buttocks before slipping three fingers into her back

If somebody sticks a puppy up somebody’s asshole I’m going to go on a murder spree

Tifa moaned as the efforts of Yuffie and one of Aeris’ runts, paired
with the suckling of her own children, hit every zone in her body
needed. She hit her orgasm, her juices eagerly lapped up by the baby
beast as Yuffie continued to violate her asshole with her fingers, her
own back entrance suddenly visited by the fighter’s fist.

toht face melting.jpg


Red continued to pound Aeris as she lay her head on the ground, the
babies gone off to eat out Tifa or sleep, leaving her tits still heavy
with milk, but nobody to suck on them. Luckily, Red flipped her over,
now he sat in her lap, bouncing in it as he thrust in and out of her
cunt, suckling her teat like her offspring had.

toht face melting.jpg


Aeris moaned, her long, lustrous brown hair running free, her swollen
body’s nerves all completely sensitive, stimulated by even the brush of
Red’s fur against her tummy. She could see near her Tifa and Yuffie both
in the doggy-style position, facing in opposite directions, getting an
odd angle as they simultaneously ate the other out and fingered their
asshole. It was a hot sight by itself, and she looked forward to her own
fun with Tifa once it was Yuffie’s turn with Red.

But given how much time their hands had spent in each other’s assholes, she wasn’t looking forward to them preparing dinner later that night.

Their rotation kept
it so everyone got what they needed, and with Red’s powerfully
aphrodisiatic semen, the women were never truly satisfied. They stopped
to sleep, eat, and bathe, that was about it. Their lives had devolved
into a squalid mess of sex all day long, with the occasional birthing.
Still, looking back, Aeris found it preferable to going along with the
journey, possibly even getting killed.

Yes, much better to be a doggie fuck toy and get fisted all day Hey, if you guys know anyone who’s still upset that Aeris dies in FF7, make sure to send ’em here; this story should take care of them very quick. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go drink myself to death while being fervently happy I have a cat and not a dog.