Super Terrific Chinese Thing: Top Charming Breast Stimulator

Normally it’s Japan that leads the world in breast technology, but China has taken a major leap forward, and the day is slow enough that I thought that I could recognize their achievement. Behold the Top Charming Breast Stimulator, which is a device women can put into their bras or bikini tops that gently shakes the breasts until… well, until they get bigger.

In case this is somehow a difficult concept to grasp, the video demonstration is a full five minutes long, just to make sure you get it. Yep. Five full minutes of jiggling boobs. It’s science!

Honestly, despite the incredibly lengthy video testament, I have my doubts that the Top Charming Breast Stimulator really works, because… well, if gentle shaking made breasts grow larger… I’m pretty sure guys would’ve figured it out by now. We’d have noticed. Certainly, none of my significant others’ boobs have ever gotten bigger, and I did as much Breast Stimulating as I was allowed. Still, infinite thanks to Sherry for the tip.