Someone Might Be Having Another Nightmare… Before Christmas (UPDATED)


I suppose it’s before Christmas of 2011, but whatever. The point is that in an interview with Dread Central, Paul Reubens — Pee Wee Herman — said he was busy working on a sequel to Nightmare Before Christmas. I assume this is more or less true, since Reubens said he was actually working on it, not negotiating to be a part of it, and because I would think there’s not much leeway in terms of the information being misinterpreted.

Honestly, I’m for it. Although NBX doesn’t need a sequel — most good movies don’t — I’d say there’s more than enough room in the world left to explore. As long as it’s not a straight rehash of the original, I’m sure the NBX fans will be happy. Plus, it’ll make several billion dollars in merchandise at Hot Topic and in Japan, so it’s good for the economy. And more importantly, Tim Burton has been trying to remake Nightmare Before Christmas to some degree in almost every movie he’s made since — I’m glad he’s going ahead and doing it, where his singular vision — by which I mean single, his one sole vision — is actually appropriate, as opposed to forcing it on yet another franchise flick. (Via Twitch)

UPDATE: Never mind. Tim Burton Productions adamantly denies there being an NBX sequel in development, and everyone’s pretty sure that Pee Wee is working on the stop-motion Addams Family movie and is confused. In his defense, Burton’s Addams Family movie probably looks exactly like NBX, so it’s probably an easy mistake. Thanks to everyone who pointed it out.