The New Donkey Kong Country Game Defies Me to Remain Unimpressed

I know there’s a lot of nostalgia and nerd love for the SNES Donkey Kong Country games, but I never had any. I prefer my monkeys named Donkey to be tie-less and kidnappers of women, the whole jungle setting/Diddy Kong thing never did it for me. so I was all prepared to post this preview of Donkey Kong Country Returns and not give a shit (although I probably would’ve made a snide remark about how the title really should be Return to Donkey Kong Country), but goddamn if it doesn’t look like an amazing old-school platformer. The kind that’s less about adventure, like Mario games uses to be, and more about frantic jumping and incredible, pin-point timing to cross the level. And honestly, the game looks pretty beautiful for being on the Wii — the 2.5-D is fantastically used, as well as the multiple plane effects. I still don’t know that I’ll purchase it, but I will shut up about the game not being exciting.