Fan Fiction Friday: Ash and Brock in “A Dark Night”

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?We all know that Pok?mon is one of the three main properties showcased in Fan Fiction Friday, along with Harry Potter and Sonic. I don’t know why these things generate more and weirder fan fiction than anything else, but they certainly do. I haven’t run a Pok?mon FFF since July, so I figured we were due — besides, that one was consensual. Let’s begin a tale from the disturbingly named author Pippy Pika:

The young man held his breath as he
sprinkled the Sleeping Powder over Ash, Dawn and Pikachu’s already sleeping
faces. Pikachu’s nose twitched, and Dawn sighed in her sleep, but otherwise
there was no reaction. In a second the air was clear and the teen let out a
sigh of relief. Then, pulling Ash out of his sleeping bag, he quietly checked
to make sure all of the boy’s pok?balls were safely stored in his backpack.
When he was sure of no interruptions, he carried the boy deep into the woods.
When he reached a suitable tree, the elder undressed the younger completely and
bound the boy’s hands to an overhead branch so the boy was hanging at the
correct height to meet the teen’s gaze when he woke up. He was also positioned
right for…other things.

Sometimes people ask me why I think Topless Robot has become so popular. My new answer: “It’s the only place on the internet where you will find a heartfelt plea to send positive messages to a young nerd girl and a story about Pok?mon characters raping each other posted on the same day.”

The young man smiled as he shoved
the gag into Ash’s mouth. Then, shirt already left at the campsite and one hand
pulling down his boxers, he gave the boy the antidote.

For some reason, the idea that Brock decides to pull his boxers off before he administers the antidote is especially chilling to me.

Ash’s brown eyes opened slowly,
hazily, as the antidote worked its way into his bloodstream. He blinked
blearily and looked up, then down, then met the young man’s eyes.

was all he managed to get out. The young man had done a very good job with the

Gag was super effective!

“Yes, Ash, it’s me,” the teen
purred. He dropped the empty canister and ran a hand down Ash’s cheek. “Brock.”

“Mmmph! Mmmph mmmph mmm–”
Then Ash’s eyes widened and he let out a stifled scream as Brock firmly
clutched Ash’s penis. Brock chuckled.

Brock used HARDEN!

“You know, I kept denying it, Ash,”
he said softly. “I’ve been traveling with you for almost four years now, going
after every girl I see, trying to convince myself I’m like everyone else. And
even when I left you, your image haunted me. I had to come back.” He continued
to stroke, until despite Ash’s fear he was erect. “I had to hope that
friendship would be enough. But it isn’t, Ash. Not by a long shot.”

Brock’s pants were completely off
now, as were his boxers. Ash whimpered and struggled against the ropes, but
Brock had spent too much time planning this night and there was no way Ash
would escape.

“Ash, I think I may be in love with
you. I don’t know.”

And as the old saying goes, “If you love something, tie it to a tree and rape it.”

Ash stared at him, stunned.

Brock smiled.

“But I know for damn sure I lust
for you. And I’ve waited for four damn years and I’m not going to wait one more
minute, whether you’re willing or not.”

Ash froze, then began shaking his
head rapidly, his whole body trembling. “Mmm! Mmm! Mmmph mmmph–“

“I told you,” said Brock, removing
his shirt and stepping behind Ash, his erection full and ready, “I’m not going
to wait, whether you want it or not.”

I wanna rape the very best

The best there ever was

He paused just long enough to rub a
little lubricant on his penis–he’d heard one needed it for anal, though he
wasn’t sure how much–then tried to thrust himself into Ash. Ash screamed, and
his muscles contracted. Brock couldn’t push through.

To rape Ash is my real test

To rape him is my cause

“God! How the fuck do they do
this?” he growled, and thought for a moment, angrily pulling at Ash’s hair as
he did so.

Who the hell is Brock referring to here? Homosexual men? Well, they generally don’t rape their sexual partners, which makes things significantly easier. If he’s referring to rapists, I don’t know. Maybe there’s a Anal Rape for Dummies book you can pick up, Brock.

The boy moaned and sniffed heavily, attempting to breathe through a
nose already clogging up with mucus as tears started to gather in his eyes and
dribble down his face.

“I got it,” Brock said, and shoved
a single finger through Ash’s anus.

I admittedly find the idea of Brock raising his index finger in a kind of “Eureka” moment, then sticking that finger directly into Ash’s ass, kind of hilarious. But it also would’ve been funny if a thought balloon with a light bulb had appeared over Brock’s head, then Brock took the light bulb and shoved it up Ash’s ass, too.

Ash cried out through the gag and tried to
struggle, but Brock simply held him still with his other arm. After a little
while Brock could feel Ash’s anus relax around his finger, so he stuck in a second.
During this Ash’s head hung low, and Brock heard him sniffing and whimpering, occasionally
trying to gasp something through the gag, and the young man imagined they were
pleas for Brock to continue, to fuck him now, that Ash had been waiting for
four years too, that Ash was just acting terrified and upset to please Brock
because Brock liked to see him tied up and waiting, and Ash would say
all that if it weren’t for the gag.

Damn gag. Maybe he should take it
off. It wasn’t like Dawn or Pikachu would wake up to hear the screams anyway.

He thrust in a third finger, just
to be sure, and then when Ash was wiggling on him and feeling loose he removed
his fingers and shoved in his penis. And oh, God, it felt good. Ash screamed
every time he thrust, and apparently he hadn’t used enough lube because it felt
a little dry, but pretty soon it was wet enough and when he looked down and
pulled out he saw it was because Ash was bleeding.

Oh well.

He moaned. And thrust harder.

Oooh, it’s you and me

I know it’s my destiny

You’re my best friend

So I’ll stick it in your rear end

Ash screamed. Even through the gag
he was loud, so loud. Brock clutched his chest, panting into the boy’s ear, and
the tips  of Ash’s feet were just barely
touching the ground.

Brock moaned with pleasure, and Ash
screamed from the pain, and just when the elder was about to come Brock pulled
himself out and forced himself to stop. He walked around Ash and stared at the
boy’s face, massaging his penis as he did so.

Ash’s eyes were huge, and
tear-filled, and terrified. Brock saw he was now having serious trouble
breathing from all the mucus in his nose from the crying. On impulse he licked
the tears from Ash’s face and picked up a discarded shirt.

“Blow,” he ordered. Ash did so,
still crying. Brock wiped the remaining stuff off the boy’s face, and smiled.
Then he lifted and spread the boy’s legs up high and apart, so he could
actually see the boy’s anus.

“I’m no doctor, but it appears you are rectally bleeding. I suggest we apply my penis.”

He also shoved Ash’s back against the trunk so
he’d have a more solid back to thrust against.

“We’re going to make this the most
special night we’ve ever had,” he whispered into Ash’s ear. Ash shuddered. His
eyes were a silent plea that Brock refused to see.

Brock shoved himself back inside.
Ash did not fight this time. Pretty soon Brock got into a good rhythm, and he
could even watch Ash’s face with each thrust, and more than ever he wanted to
take off that damn gag, hear Ash beg for him, feel Ash’s mouth on his cock,
feel Ash’s lips brush against his. He began thrusting faster and faster, and
this time he knew he wouldn’t have the willpower to pull out, he couldn’t pull
out, this felt too damn good, and he leaned in to lick Ash’s tears and nibble
on Ash’s neck and oh God–

He came inside the boy with a cry,
a little cum dribbling out down Ash’s leg as Brock’s now sagging penis rested
inside Ash’s anus. For a moment Brock leaned against him, panting, enjoying the
feeling of their sweat commingling.

Then he smiled.

“That was pretty good, wasn’t it?”
he said softly. Ash seemed too stunned to reply, and Brock didn’t mind. Not
quite. Besides, he wanted to do something else now.

His penis still inside Ash, he let
one of Ash’s legs drop and used his now free hand to undo the gag and pull out
the sock he’d shoved into the boy’s mouth. Ash gasped for breath and panted
heavily, for a moment too focused on breathing to say anything. Brock took
advantage of the open mouth by planting a hard kiss on him, locking lips with a
fierce intensity, shoving his tongue in to explore every crevice and inch of
Ash’s mouth.

And Ash bit him, hard. Brock
screamed and pulled out both tongue and penis immediately, clutching at his
mouth. Ash glared at him.

Well, that’s just uncalled for.

“Let me go now!” the boy
ordered, his voice trembling only slightly, the order only slightly ruined by
the tears gathering in his eyes. “I–I thought you liked me because we were
f-friends–n-nothing like this! I don’t want anything like this!” At Brock’s
silence and lack of movement he added, “If you come n-near me with any ideas
but to cut me down I swear I’ll kick you so hard you won’t ever t-touch me

“No, Ash,” Brock whispered. “You
were supposed to be acting. You still are, aren’t you? To make me want you even
more. To make me want to break you. I get it now.” Brock smiled. “You
really are the best, Ash.”

“I’m not acting anything! Let me
down now, Brock! I–I won’t tell anyone what h-happened here, we’ll
just–you just go back to Pewter and I stay here in Sinnoh and no one will

“Ashy-boy, I think you need a
little punishment. You shouldn’t bite someone who wants to kiss you.”

Ash paled. “N-no, Brock, please,
let’s just pretend this never happened and–“

But Brock was in a world of his
own. “Go, Onix!”

Ash squeaked. “But I thought you left him in Pewter!”

“I’ve been planning this for a
while,” said Brock demurely. “And Onix has had a bit of a thing for you and
wanted in.”

Ash was too stunned to realize
quite what this meant until he realized the rock-type had a few more rocks
showing than usual. “You can’t be seri–“

You didn’t think this story was just going to be boring ol’ human-on-human sexual assault, did you?

But then Brock was standing on Onix’s body and had cut Ash down, and in a second had
handcuffed Ash’s hands behind his back. He also attached a choke chain to Ash’s
neck and clipped the chain to a longish rope attached to the original branch,
so Ash could only move about a foot now that he was on the ground, and the most
he could do was kneel or bend over.

And now Onix was behind Ash, and
the extra rocks were in reality an extremely large penis, and Ash took one look
behind him and tried to run. But the choke chain worked like a charm and in a
moment Ash both couldn’t breathe and couldn’t leave the spot.

This is what Onix looks like.



I could have probably found fan art of an Onix with an erection, but I chose not to try. So sorry.

“No, no, silly,” said Brock, slowly
loosing the chain. “You’re not going anywhere. Here’s the deal: you suck on my
cock, and Onix won’t fuck you. But you do anything I don’t like, like bite me
or even don’t suck hard enough…”

Ash stared at Brock. Brock leaned

“But first we have a kiss. A nice,
long kiss.”

“No,” Ash whispered.

“You’d rather Onix fuck you?”

“Please, Brock, please…”

Yes. The pleading, hearing his
name. It was just what he wanted.

“Please…just untie me. I won’t tell
anyone, I swear, not even Pikachu. It’ll be like it never happened. You don’t
even have to leave, we’ll just pretend this never ever happened. Please,

Ash’s eyes were sincere, so

Brock’s eyes grew cold.

“Onix, fuck him,” was all he said.

And that’s when the screaming really

Looks like Ash is going to get a lesson…

/puts on sunglasses

…from the school of rock.


Onix thrust in and out, because
after realizing its master mated with Ash it had decided that while it had
thought Ash was male, it was wrong and obviously Ash was female. And while Ash
was not a female Onix, she was good enough. It was certainly enjoyable to
thrust into something so squishy instead of the usual rocky females, which one
had to be so rough with for them to get any pleasure at all. Onix didn’t bother
to change its habits for this female, though–it was sure Ash would enjoy
herself just as much as the other females it had mated with.

Sounds like Ash is caught in-between…

/puts on sunglasses

…a rock and a hard place.


It was a shame Onix was dead wrong,
and Ash had never been in worse pain his entire life. He screamed, and
screamed, and screamed, Brock watching with cold pleasure and a slowly
recovering erection. Onix himself paid no attention to the noise. Onix females
made all sorts of noise in lovemaking, so this was only natural Onix simply
knew that it was enjoying itself immensely and hoped its master would let it do
this again.

I think Onix…

/puts on sunglasses

…is really getting his rocks off.


“So, Ash,” said Brock over the
screams. “Still think kissing me and sucking my cock is worse than being fucked
by Onix?”

Ash was in too much pain to form
coherent words, that much was obvious. Brock waited a moment longer, then
forced the Pok?mon to pull out, as he didn’t want it to come inside Ash–its cum
looked and felt like small pebbles, and the last thing Brock wanted was Ash’s
ass to be filled with rocks.

In Brock’s defense, no one particularly wants to stick their dick in a gravel pit. Except maybe Onix, I guess.

Ash collapsed to the ground,
moaning and whimpering as tears poured out of his eyes. Brock stared at him for
a moment, then grabbed his chin and jerked his head up. Mercilessly he forced
another kiss on Ash, shoving his tongue deep into the boy’s mouth.

Ash did not fight back. He
whimpered a little, and struggled a bit with his handcuffs, but he did not
bite, and he did not fight Brock’s tongue with his own. And Brock enjoyed the

After an eternity Brock broke the
kiss. Licking a few more extra tears off Ash’s face he said, “There, that kiss
wasn’t so bad, was it? Really, was it worth being fucked by Onix just for a
kiss? Do I have to do that every time I want a kiss?”


“The answer is ‘No, Brock, I’ll
willingly kiss you whenever you want.’ Say it.”

“…No…Brock…I’ll…I’ll k-kiss
you…when you…when y-you want.” It was said in gasps.

“Willingly.” At Ash’s face he said,
“Well, maybe not yet. But it’s kissing or Onix on a night you won’t expect.
Now, for the other part of the deal.”

And he pulled Ash’s head up to his
now fully erect penis.

Ash moaned. “No…Brock, please…don’t
make me do this…it…it hurts…”

“I just ‘made you’ get fucked by an
Onix, not to mention the fun fucks with me. And I’ve got more Pok?mon just waiting
in line to fuck that ass of yours. Do you want to test me?”

Here’s where my knowledge of the Pok?mon cartoon freaks me out, because the #1 Pok?mon I remember Brock having is Psyduck. Does Psyduck want to tap Ash’s ass? I assume it wouldn’t hurt like Onix, but would the mental shame of being fucked by a Psyduck be in some ways worse? It’s an interesting thought — a thought I will immediately try to obliterate from my head with booze immediately upon finishing this FFF. [Update: Fine. I got it wrong. Psyduck was Misty’s Pok?mon. I’m still drinking, and you can’t stop me. -Rob]

Slowly, biting back sobs, trying to
ignore the fiery pain from his bottom, Ash took Brock into his mouth. He had no
idea what to do, so he tried to pretend it was a lollipop and just sucked on
it, occasionally curling his tongue around the head. When Brock started to make
impatient noises, Ash began to jerk his head up and down Brock’s shaft, trying
to mimic now the thrusting he’d felt earlier.

It wasn’t that he wanted to please
Brock. It was that he wanted to avoid displeasing him. That had painful

Our hearts so true

Our courage will pull us through

You suck me and I’ll rape you

Pooooooo — k???????? — moooooooooooooooooooooooon

Brock moaned a bit. This was it,
this was what he wanted–Ash sucking on him, focused solely on pleasing him,
although truth be told he wasn’t very good at it. But still, it was Ash doing
all the work and Brock just kneeling there, enjoying himself, watching Ash
degrade himself further with each thrust of his head, with each lick around the
tip of Brock’s penis. Finally he couldn’t take it anymore and began to thrust
in himself, thrusting much deeper than Ash had been taking him in, deep enough
to activate Ash’s gag reflex. But Brock was almost ready to come anyway, and he
came into the boy’s mouth and pulled out just before the boy began to

Well, grand. I was worried that this story wouldn’t go anywhere gross, so thank goodness Ash gagged on Brock’s cock and vomited everywhere. 

Brock walked away from him in
disgust at that point. “You’re supposed to ignore that feeling, Ash,” he
snapped at the boy, who was now sobbing and trying to move away from the pool
of vomit. “Honestly, we were having fun until you had to puke.”

Ash only threw up again. His own
disgust with himself was making him vomit just as much as the induced gag

Finally Brock walked over and held
Ash’s head up until he was finished. He wiped off Ash’s mouth and face with
Ash’s boxers–he’d have to wash them after this–and sighed.

“Not the best way to end the
night,” he said. “But we’re definitely doing this again.”

“After all, if at firs you don’t succeed, rape, rape again!”

“N-no,” Ash moaned weakly. “No…no…”

Brock looked pointedly at Onix.

“Even if I leave, there will be a
night where I show up, Ash. Now, do you want to make it nice for both of us or
do you want another round with him?”

Ash began to hyperventilate,
shaking his head fervently. Brock held him in his arms and gave him a chaste

“Don’t worry,” he cooed. “It’ll be

And with that he sprinkled some
Sleeping Powder over the boy’s face, uncuffed and
unchained him, and after washing him carefully in a nearby stream, carried him
back to camp, humming.

THE END. There’s another second chapter in a hospital where Brock watches over Ash so he can’t say what happened to Nurse Joy, but I think it’s better to end on Brock carefully and lovingly washing an unconscious preteen in a stream after raping him with the snake made of rock. Feel free to read the other chapter, though, if you’re so inclined. I’m going to start the evenings drinking. Yes, at 2:15 pm. If Harrison Ford can do it, so can I.