Bruce Wayne Held a Press Conference


?If you haven’t read Batman & Robin #16, but want to, consider hitting the jump a massive, massive spoiler. Because it is a massive, massive spoiler about what happens at the end of the issue. (Via DC’s Source)

So Bruce Wayne has returned, but that’s not the news. That happened last issue of Batman and Robin, and besides, there was a comic called Return of Bruce Wayne. It was kind of obvious. No, the news is this:


?Upon returning, Bruce Wayne held a press conference announcing that he’s been funding Batman all these years — a major, major change to the Bat-status quo (Batus quo? Sorry). Furthermore, he’s announced Batman is going “global,” which leads directly into Grant Morrison’s next Bat-series, Batman Inc. I figure this is big enough news that its worth covering on TR, and besides, if the last page of B&R doesn’t give your nerd parts a tingle…


?…well, then something ain’t right with you.