The Existential Dilemma of George Lucas’ Cameo in Clone Wars

At some point in Revenge of the Sith — I don’t even remember when, sadly — George Lucas popped up on screen to play someone called Baron Papanoida, which ranks about an 8 on the Lucas Impossibly Stupid Sci-Fi Fantasy Names Scale. In Friday’s episode of Clone Wars, Baron Papanoida will be making an appearance, causing the show and the media to call it a George Lucas cameo. Here’s my problem:

? Baron Papanoida doesn’t really look like George Lucas. Lucas had a shit-on of make-up on when he played him.
? George Lucas isn’t voicing Papanoida in the cartoon.
? The dude who is voicing Papanoida says he’s going to try and do an Orson Welles impression, and not a Lucas impression.
? Last but certainly not least, the above clip has Papanoida freaking out and gunning down people in a manner that would immediately send George Lucas into cardiac arrest.

So can we call this a George Lucas cameo? I say thee “nay.” (Via io9)