Super Terrific Japanese Thing Redux: Atami Resort Town

A lot of you complained that this week’s Super Terrific Japanese Thing, the horrifying Tropicana Fruits Sweets beverage Orange with Rare Cheese Flavor, wasn’t horrifying at all. That “rare cheese” is Japan’s secret code word for cheesecake or something, and cheesecake drink might actually sound pretty good. First of all, you’re wrong; a cheesecake drink sounds terrifying, albeit not as terrifying as a regular cheese-flavored drink. Second of all, fine, whatever. Have another STJT.

No. Fucking. Words. There’s not an iota of this whole thing that isn’t totally batshit insane — the players, the town, the plan, the hotel, the refusal of everyone involved to acknowledge how crazy this fucking shit is — all of it. Thanks to John S. for the tip. (Via Wall Street Journal)