In Brightest Coconut Shavings, In Darkest Chocolate Creme-Filled Cake



The incredibly un-nutritious snack food company Hostess is never one to rest on its laurels, except all of the times they do. But rather than wait for the Green Lantern movie to come out next year to enjoy the promotional windfall, the company has dipped its coconut-covered Sno-Balls snack cakes in lethal radiation, slapped a Hal Jordan drawing on the package, and redubbed them Glo-Balls. Because… because… Hal Jordan’s… balls… glow green when he’s in his uniform? Fuck, I don’t know; none of this shit makes any sense. All I know is that I’d rather eat the lethal radiation by itself than coconut. Gross. (Via Rickey Purdin and ComicsAlliance)